Default Export Location

hey guys,
i remember in cubase 10 and 10.5 when i was going to the export-window, it always showed the project-folder as the default export location.
since cubase 11 and now in cubase 12 this has changed somehow.
the default location now is “C / Users / Music”.
Its not a big deal to just click on “use audio-folder of the project”, but isnt there any way to just set the audio folder of the project as default, without having to chose it every time?

thanks in advance.

Actually, since C11, the default for audio export path has been the project mixdown folder, which is great.
From the documentation:

The Mixdown folder is automatically created in your project folder. It is used by default if no export path information is available, that is, if you create a new empty project, or if you load or create a project from a template.

So if you create a new project and open the export dialog, your default is “c:\users\Music”? That seems weird.

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okay thank, that got me to the point!
i guess the problem was, that i created my template file before the update (where everything was working fine)… after the update, the template somehow didnt know anymore where to export and went to the default path (c\users\music).
i just created a new template and now its working fine again.

Good to hear. I think the new default path in the project mixdown folder is really cool, no more looking through dozens of files in the project audio folder for your mix file.