Default Filename in Dorico for iPad V1.2

First of all. In the past I used “Notion” for my workflow.
Now with Dorico for iPad I am very excited to have a tool that works much more stable and without some magic for example, to change note length or other stuff. Thanks a lot!!!

I typically prepare my scores in Dorico and export them to foreScore. The default proposed filename always starts with a composition of a number with the player name that I don’t want.
I would like to have something similar to “{@projectTitle@} - {@composer@}” or the filename of the project.
Is there any configuration file or another possibility where I can change this?
If not, I would like to have such a feature on project or flow level.
In best case configurable with your existing placeholders.


You can change your defaults in edit>preferences>files>exporting files (edit…) (the options are limited, but useful)

Hello Janus,
I cannot find this option inside the “Preferences” of Dorico for iPad.
Any other ideas?

Oops! I didn’t notice the ipad reference. Sorry.

I’m afraid, Klaus, that Dorico always uses a fixed default filename recipe when exporting graphics via the Share button. I’ve made a note of your request to be able to adjust this and we’ll look at implementing this in future.

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My actual workaround is:
Share the score to the “Files” app. In this process I can change the filename.
Then in the “Files” app again share it to forScore.
Maybe someone find this helpfully :wink: