Default Folder is no go with Cubase 8

I have encountered serious problems with the Default Folder app on Mac 10.9 together with Cubase 8. Crash on start-up

Are you sure you’re running the latest version of Default Folder?

I too get occasional crashes with the latest Default Folder X beta (if I remember correctly, it isn’t only in conjunction with Cubase though), but it is usually not serious, and loads just fine next time :wink:.

It’s been a problem for a few months now

Actually not quite correct…

It crashes Cubase 8 when it’s in 64bit mode…it’s fine in 32bit in Mavericks.

StClair soft are aware of the situation and trying to get some co-operation from Steiny to solve the problem.
It’s got something to do with changes in Default Folder for Yosemite compatibility.

In the meantime you can add Cubase 8 to the ‘advanced’ exceptions in Default Folder until things are sorted out…not ideal,
but then I’m still working in Mountain Lion for the moment, and it’s fine in both modes there.

A fix will be coming soon.

Good news. I have been informed that a new update of DFX will be available tomorrow. The update primarily fixes the conflict with Cubase.

Super! Thanks, Weasel :slight_smile:
(although this hasn’t happened to me for ages now… dunno what changed :confused: )

It’s out! The nightmare is over! :smiley: