default folder when saving files

ever since upgrading to 9.5 whenever i record and then SAVE a WAV file my target save directory defaults to some folder on my hard drive that i have no clue about:


and then i have to manually navigate to my current project folder on my audio drive

in the past, (version 9) when i navigated to save a file, all subsequent files would default to saving in the directory i assigned during the first save.

is there a preference i missed somewhere in transitioning from 9 to 9.5? any way to tell WL to use the last location as the starting point for new saves?


File > Preferences > Folder
There you can define what you need.

i thought i replied to this already to say thanks!..

thank you!

however, after a few days of using this i can confirm, at least on my end, that the preference is broken… saves always default to the “folder for temporary files” setting and don’t automatically go to “keep last used”… which is frustrating…

so, maybe a bug?

Here, as far as “keep last used” is checked for saving audio files, I can’t reproduce a problem.

it’s very odd… as it’s definitely changed for me since 9.0. the exact workflow i’m talking about is this:

  • play out of pro tools and capture the file in WL
  • if this is the first song of the project…
  • navigate to project folder - SAVE AS
  • record another song from PT into WL
  • when i SAVE AS it used to default into the project folder i chose in the previous step
  • and so on for all the files of that project

    in WL 9.0 it worked like this… in 9.5 it always defaults to the “folder for temporary files” which, in a way, makes sense, because as WL is recording to disc it’s creating a temporary file… before it’s saved…

however, it gets confusing to me when i look at my 9.0 preferences… as i still have 9.0 installed

in 9.0 my default temporary folder is some random folder that WL has chosen… i.e.: i never set one. and, the SAVE FILE location in the preferences, nothing is checked… not “keep last used” or “change when open folder changes”

both of which ih ave checked in 9.5, as i thought they were needed

… for my next project i’m going to uncheck both of these and see if the behavior changes

i basically want WL to use whatever folder i have last saved in for all future saves, until i change it myself, and then it uses the new one, until i change it… and then it uses the new one… and so on…

Thanks for the additional info. With your workflow, I could reproduce your case. I will fix this for next patch.

ah, thanks! i’m glad i could clear it up… hopefully it’s a fixable thing!! i look forward to a patch…

thank you!