Default font and Playing techniques, Bar numbers etc.

Apologies if this has already been discussed - under the Engrave menu, in the “Paragraph Styles…” dialog box there is a very useful “Parent” option which allows all paragraph styles to refer to the Default Text font.

But there is no Parent option for the “Font Styles…” dialog box. This would be useful to have: Playing technique text, bar numbers, rehearsal marks, etc. could all descend from the Default Text, instead of having to set each one individually.

Would it be possible to add this Parent option in “Font Styles…” eventually? Or is there something I’m missing?

The “Default text font” in Font Styles does precisely what you’re asking, already!

If you’ve inadvertently changed individual font styles then turn off their “Font family” switches and you should find they revert to whatever the “Default text font” is set to.

Thanks pianoleo! I realized what I did: under “Paragraph Styles…” I had set a font for Default Text; but under “Font Styles…” I had not set Default Text Font. Now everything works great - but I do think it’s a little confusing to have separate settings for Default Text and Default Text Font. I don’t know if this is worth the Dorico team’s attention; or if it is, if there is a way to make a more clear distinction between these two options.

See here.