Default Font settings for Figured Bass

Hello, I am exploring Dorico’s Figured Bass abilities.
I printed my score and the font seems to be quite small.
In Engraving Options>Figured Bass>Appearance I changed from Bold Font to Plain Font and back,
I noticed in Font Styles there are two Fonts to take care of, „Figured Bass Font“ and „Figured Bass Text Font“. It seems to me that only when chosen the Plain Font in Engraving Options, these settings do have an effect. Also there seems to be a difference in sizing the symbols and the numbers, one is Bravura and the other is Academico in my case.
I wonder, which would be the default settings for the Figured Bass, and how can I easily resize the font - if it seems too small to be readable.
Thank you for help.

There is a setting in Engraving Options that defines whether you use Bold Font (Figured Bass Font), or Plain Font (Figured Bass Plain Font). The purpose of “Plain Font” is to let you use normal text fonts, just using plain numbers, with no figures like slashed 6.

“Figured Bass Font” lets you use a SMuFL-compatible font, like Bravura, or Figurato, or November2, MTF-Cadence, etc.

If you want to use Bravura, set it as the “Figured Bass Font” and Engraving Options to “Bold Font”.
If you want to use Academico, set it as the “Figured Bass Plain Font”, and Engraving Options to “Plain Font”.

The term “bold font” is misleading here. It roughly translates to “use the FB characters defined at their respective SMuFL codepoints in the SMuFL-compliant font specified for the figured bass font style”. Granted, that’s rather long… It doesn’t relate to the font weight: You could use any weight with both figured bass font styles.

Thank you Ben anf Florian,
this sheds some light onto the matter. I will stay with using the SMuFL-compliant „Bold Font“ to get all the figures and will just have to find a way to get it displayed at a bigger font size.

Set the Figured Bass Font Style to a lager point size!

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Thank you Ben, that worked perfectly.