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I was wondering (and it seems like a Dorico thing to do), is it possible to set default properties for text borders? For example, I really like the “Capsule” shape and “hide background”. It would be awesome if I could save that as default, and then anytime I want a border, it’s immediately what I’m going for.


Editing the corresponding paragraph style, then saving that style as default to your user library (the star button), should do the trick? That lets you set this as default for text according to its purpose, e.g. if you want capsule borders on titles but not lyrics.

This does seem like the relevant function, but doesn’t appear to behave quite the way I was hoping.

What I was hoping was for the border, when engaged, to default to Capsule. But from what I can tell here, the Style only engages the “Capsule” setting if I check the “Border” box, which would then cause all text to automatically have borders around them, which I do not want.

But even with “Capsule” saved to the paragraph style (with border unchecked), if I then add text and engage the border, it still defaults to Rectangle. It appears the Style ignores all the settings related to Border if the border isn’t engaged by the style first, which means there’s no setting values for the border for only when it is engaged.

Might be more of a feature request than learning the application this time, I guess… But so close!! Paragraph Styles is definitely where this would be handled!

You can create an extra paragraph style with the default text as parent and only change the border properties as you wish and safe as default. You could name it “default with borders” or something.
Then, when creating text, just chose this paragraph style. It sounds to me that you are currently trying to work via the properties panel?
You can also assign shortcuts to paragraph styles that you saved as default.

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