Default Full score/part layouts not working, need help!


This is already the second score with which I’m facing unexpected difficulties. I modify both the Full score and part layouts in the engrave mode, copy from left to right, hit aplly and close. Everything looks fine, but when I check all the parts, a part of them is not at all like I modified them!

[I need to mention just in case, that I **do not have any page overrides**.]

With the last case I already published a FB post, even the best experts could not find the reason - and even said, that they have never seen something like this. I attach a couple of screen shots, so you can see what I’m talking about.

Thankful in advance for any tips!

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You really need to post a file for someone to look at. Screenshots are good for guessing, at best!

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Dorico_JarkkoR_Problem_2022-10-21.dorico (810.1 KB)

And while we’re at it, here’s the first time I had a similar case.
Dorico_FirstProblem_JarkkoR_COPY.dorico (1.2 MB)

What’s happened here is –

  • Some of your parts are set to use A3 paper, others are set to use A4. Therefore, the page sizes are different.

  • The Title text frame on the First page template in the Default Part page template set has four locked frame constraints. This means its height is not fixed; instead, its height changes according to the page size.

  • When this page template is applied to a part layout with a significantly different page size, the frame likewise changes size proportionately; however, this can mean it ends up outside the page margins.

How to fix –

  • Open a part layout where everything looks fine.
  • Double-click the First page template to open it in the page template editor.
  • Select the Title text frame.
  • In the panel on the left, unlock its bottom frame constraint.
  • Copy from l-r / r-l as appropriate
  • Click Apply, then Close.

(I’d also recommend unlocking the bottom frame constraint for the other text frames – this will give them a fixed height, but a variable width, meaning they’ll always be as wide as whatever page they’re on, but they’ll only ever be the same height.)

(But perhaps also review your part page sizes, and whether or not they should all be the same – is A3 really necessary for your parts?)

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Thank you so much, I will try!!! And NO CLUE, why some of the parts are A3, definitely not intentional…

How strange, well now you know!

In case it’s helpful for you or anyone else who reads this thread, this was the tell-tale indicator:


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Nice catch Lillie! I was unable to see those things but now it totally makes sense!
Having four anchors on a frame is not a good idea, and this example shows why…
I always get rid of one anchor (at least) to have more usable values (height, width…)


Well, having four locked constraints can be useful – it just depends on the circumstance and your requirements. If you need a graphics frame to maintain a proportional shape but get larger on larger pages, for example.


This has tripped me up a few times too, but I’ve learned what to look for and how to solve it. Perhaps this might be a topic for Anthony’s Tips someday? Or to include in one of John Barron’s videos about layouts? It would be helpful to know when to lock all four sides, and when NOT to lock them – and how it affects the layouts both ways. I’m still a little confused by it all, but gradually learning.

IIRC, John has explained it at least once, in a Discover Dorico session about masterpages (now page templates), some years ago.

It was not at all clear to me, but this video helped a lot!


I’d forgotten just how clear and helpful this video is! (thanks as always @Anthony_at_Steinberg :slight_smile: )


That video is extremely helpful – somehow I missed seeing it all these years (and I’ve watched many of them). Thanks for sharing!