Default Halion Sounds will not load.

I have a minor problem here and I wondered if you could help. I ordered my PC with a fairly small SSD C drive and a larger D drive for files. After setting up the Admin account on the C drive I made a change to the registry so that all new user accounts were created on the D drive and then I created my normal user accounts.

This has worked perfectly so far, but when I installed Dorico (using the Admin account of course) I hit a problem. When I run it from the Admin account everything works fine, but when I run it from my normal user account (on the D drive) the Halion Sounds will not automatically load when I add an instrument or load a template score. I can assign the sounds manually, so this is not a major problem, but I wondered if you could suggest anything that would fix this.


When you ran the installer, did you select the option to install for all users or just the current user? It may be worth uninstalling, and then reinstalling, checking the options at every stage.

I installed for all users. I also reinstalled everything since I had originally installed Halion on a 3rd Drive (E) which I now use for samples. The installer let me do this but since I had the problem with sounds, I uninstalled Halion and reinstalled it on the C drive. I then uninstalled and reinstalled Dorico. It then worked fine on the C Drive and works OK on the D drive with the exception of automatically loading the sounds

Here’s a trick I’ve found to be very useful in managing multiple storage drives: (Copied from various threads here in the forums).

Thanks a lot for this. I’ll have a good look at it and see how a get on.