Default hotkeys for tremolo-on-stem

I have some suggestions (to further releases of Dorico) regarding the default settings of stroked tremolos.

Shift+Alt+Z: Z on Stem Single-Note Tremolo
Shift+Alt+1: One-Stroke Single-Note Tremolo
Shift+Alt+2: Two-Stroke Single-Note Tremolo
Shift+Alt+3: Three-Stroke Single-Note Tremolo
Shift+Alt+4: Four-Stroke Single-Note Tremolo
Shift+Alt+Minus: Remove Single-Note Tremolo
Shift+Alt+0: Remove Multi-Note Tremolo

These are what I tried with Dorico 2.2.20 running on macOS.

…and I’d like to ask that these are not set as defaults. I already have other uses for some of these shortcuts, and (for example) I can’t think of a time where I’ve ever used a Z on Stem Single-Note Tremolo or a Four-Stroke Single-Note Tremolo.

We’re unlikely to set any of these as defaults because they’re all available via the Shift+R popover in any case. But the beauty of having customizable shortcuts is that you can set whatever you like if it works for you!

Thank you for letting me know the Shift+R. I didn’t notice this hotkey before. The Shift+R is much easier to use.