Default Key Commands in a Searchable PDF (here)

Here’s a PDF of all the options and actions that can have key commands associated with them in Cubase Pro 8.5

The default assigned key commands are highlighted in yellow for (searchable) reference outside of Cubase.
The function name is on the line directly above the key command.

Cubase Pro 8_5 Key Commands PDF (download from dropbox)

This link has an expiry date so grab it soon if you want the list.

I know the list is visible by hitting the little “+” in the keycommands window. But viewing them all on 27 pages is pretty impressive :laughing:

Thanks for the list, did you type them all yourself?

Not a chance ! :open_mouth:
That’s way too much typing!

Hi! I’m late to the party. Would it be possible to post another link?

+1 please?