Default key commands in random order (feature request/bug report)

Hi, I’m trying out Dorico.

It seems that the key commands such as for adding sharp or flat notes is mapped for an English keyboard. On the Finnish keyboard, whose layout is slightly different, the logical placements get all mixed up of course.

Does Dorico have plans to add a bunch more keyboard layouts?
(Yes, I can of course one by one edit the default commands to my liking, but obviously not ideal.)

Welcome to the forum, Folk Musician. We don’t have any plans to add default shortcuts for lots more languages, I’m afraid. We tend to focus on the languages for which we have localised versions, and at the present time we have no plans for a Finnish version of Dorico. I hope that nevertheless you will find using the software enjoyable. I would guess that a few minutes spent re-mapping some of the most important shortcuts will pay dividends.

Thanks for the reply, Daniel! It seems re-mapping is the best course of action for me. If your team has the resources for it later, adding more default mappings for just the keyboards without the whole localisation stuff would be a nice addition. (I would still use Dorico in English regardless.)

As you will find yourself when you come to try to map your own set of shortcuts, it’s a non-trivial amount of work, and usually better carried out by somebody with a good understanding of the conventions of how other software that makes use of that particular keyboard layout is normally set up, together with knowledge of which keys can safely be diverted while others are so critical to the input of text in a particular language that they cannot be diverted to another purpose. So we don’t have the necessary expertise in-house at Steinberg to produce localised sets of key commands and attendant documentation for dozens more keyboard languages, I’m sorry to say.

Fair point! :slight_smile: