Default Midi Channel?

When I add a midi track. Is there anyway to have the default channel be set to midi channel 1?

A big thanks!


The MIDI Port is set to the same MIDI Port as it was the last used MIDI Port. And the MIDI Channel increments automatically. There is no way, how to set a static MIDI Channel, as far as I know.

This should be an easy fix… I would like to set my default to channel 1 because often I add layers of my drums this way.


There is no bug, so no fix needed. This is a feature, that the MIDI Channel is incremented, because it’s most often used use case.

When you make a MIDI track and set it up as you want, you can save a track preset. (above the midi input selector in the inspector)
Next time you want to add one or more MIDI tracks, click on the Browse button and select that track preset.

Ya, I searched for a setting for default Midi channel, there isn’t any. Too bad.
Every time I create a new midi channel have to set. I never have used the incremental feature.
Should be a option, I agree.

But if you use the Track Presets like peakae suggests you are effectively creating your own custom ‘default’ track.

Raino, but that’s more clicks than just changing the midi channel every time.