Default Midi Input

  • The Default Midi Input of a layer is the one created by Steinberg : MIDI IN 1.
    Now I delete this entry in menu “Devices > Connections”.
    If I create a new layer, VST Live will create again the MIDI IN 1 connection. But I don’t want to have this new connection, I have to delete it again…
    It will better that the default midi input was the first entry in the “Connections” menu instead of having the specific entry “MIDI IN 1”.

  • Also, when I delete the MIDI IN 1, which is assigned to the layer, the below pop-up appears :


But after deleting, in the layer, there is no <nc> but still “MIDI IN 1”.


  • Also, each time I open VST Live, MIDI IN 1 and MIDI IN 2 are created. So it is not useful to delete them…

The default Input of each newly created Layer is that of the Default Layer.
The Default Layer is created when you start the app the first time, with the first MIDI Input of the hub. You can change the Default Layer at any time by applying menu Layers/Save Default Layer. Btw. you can do that with Stacks, Parts, and even Songs as well. Whenever you create an object, it will check to see if it has a default saved.

That is a bug that has been fixed with the next version.

They are not beeing created (except for the very first start), they are beeing saved whenever you leave the app, and reloaded when you open it again (local presets).
A port in VST Live has a name (default is MIDI IN 1 and 2 for MIDI, resp.) which is how it is identified, and a hardware port assigned to it. When you change the hardware port because you use the same project in a different environment, it will remember the previous assignement such that when you save the project there, and load it again in the other environment, it will find the hardware port, because it remembers up to 32 assignments in the project. That goes for all ports in “Connections”. This is also why it is recommended to not change the port name, it should describe what is connected to it (i.e. “Motif”). This way, you can run different hardware setups for home/studio, rehearsal, stage etc.