Default MIDI vst changeable?

Couple of similar questions in the forum, but thought I would start another for clarification. Using Cubase 6, in the prefs- MIDI file-export drop down, the only VST that appears assignable at this point is Sonic-se, along with the other chioces. Is this written in stone??
Now that i’ve got HALion 4 incorporated into my stuff, I’d like to use it instead of HAlion-se. I can, by manipulating the file after importing get this to happen,(open HALion 4,start up the gm multi-then bulk change all the tracks to 4 instead of se) but it would be nice to have a choice to default to whatever VST (possible) that one wanted to use to preview files. I could be missing something or this might be a wish list item ?? :bulb:

Bump - I have the same question. Anybody know if it’s possible to change this?

  • John