Default note length for note input mode

I use the note input mode a lot. I type in a lot of eight notes. Is it possible, to set the default lenght to an eight note, rather than a quarter?


I agree there is something to improve when entering in,entry mode.
I would prefer that Dorico memorize the last value I used

If you have a note selected when you start note input, Dorico will select the duration of that note (so if you select the last 8th note you entered, then press Shift-N, note input will start and 8th notes will be selected)

Thanks, I understand. That still means, I do have to select that last note. I find it very quick to just set the cursor, wherever I want to start writing and the just press the key command. There is another thing that would speed up note input, but I will open a new thread for this.

i have the same issue . . . i spend a lot of time transcribing from other platforms ( logic pro, itunes ) and having to add the step of resetting the 8th note every single time i jump back to dorico adds up to a lot more labour to an already painstaking process . . . i’d appreciate any work around anyone can suggest (and i’ll keep looking through dorico to see if i’ve missed something ) thanks !

Same here too. i open a new project and start tapping away only to realise i’m doing crotchets instead of quavers, then have to faff/undo to get back to what i intended. Not a big deal but i waste time doing it. Ok, yes i need to make it a habit to switch to quavers as one of the first tasks, but seems i am not alone with this.

Q. would it be retained if there was any way to save a new template with the first note being a a quaver?

Why not just highlight the notes and activate insert mode and change their value? If you have a run of all the same notes, that’s faster than un/re-doing.


Just wanted to mention this is obviously a non-issue if you use pitch-first input.

If you reopen a file saved with one note in it, I guess you could treat it like a template by using Save As. (But insert mode to correct is the more obvious solution.)

This matter is very easily addressed with AutoHotKey. Just make a key sequence that starts note input and sets the desired note value. Assign it to a function key or suitable key combination that you like. It takes 5 minutes to learn the syntax, which is very well documented, and 30 seconds to write this macro. There are similar programs for Mac I believe. Have one sequence for crotchets, one for quavers, and so on.

And it’s free. You can’t do better than that.