Default notehead type for certain (percussion) instruments

Is there a way to specify a default nothead (set) for an instrument so that whenever one is added in Setup mode, it has the correct noteheads right away? At the moment I have to change it for each player individually. I’m probably overlooking the setting somewhere.

Percussion instruments can show different noteheads according to their playing techniques.

If the required technique and notehead isn’t already available for a particular instrument, you can add it – either for a single instance of that instrument in one project, or by editing the instrument in the Edit Instruments dialog.

Sorry, I found these help pages before already but still can’t see where I can assign a default notehead to an instrument.

Specifically, I want the hand clap to use an X notehead for the normal playing technique. I don’t see any way to specify this as default in the instrument editor. I have to go into each player’s instrument and edit the noteheads manually which is very tedious if everyone is holding the same instrument.

Edit: oh, I see now:

Edit Percussion Playing Techniques: Opens the Percussion Instrument Playing Techniques dialog. Only available for unpitched percussion instruments that you have not added to the project.

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What a bummer.

In the Instrument Editor, up the top you should see Edit Percussion Playing Techniques:

Percussion Instrument Playing Techniques dialog

I think what you need to do is change the Natural playing technique noteheads. Don’t forget to save as Default in the Instrument Editor once done so that it’s the same in all new projects.

Does this work?

EDIT: You edited as I was posting lol

Why don’t you just create a new instrument?