Default output location when rendering

I have a folder for each client, and every time I do an export, Wavelab seems to always default to the wrong folder… and I end up spending lots of time searching through folders to locate the correct folder for the client. Is there any way this could be made easier? I’m thinking maybe a “recent folders” drop down or something? I’m not sure the best way… I’d just like it to be easier to access the folder I want to export to.

Currently, I click the little file icon on the side of the “location” field. Then I click "select file using standard selector. Then I navigate to find the correct folder. Then I navigate to find the most recent file for that song… I select it. Then I rename the file slightly for the new version.

Anyway… I’m just wondering if there’s a faster way to work… like when I’m working on someone’s project, I’d like Wavelab to always default to that person’s folder every time I need to do a render… Maybe there is a feature already within Wavelab that I don’t yet know about? Something that can help me do this a little faster and simpler?


I get a list of all the recent folders right under where it says “select file using standard selector”. Are you not getting that on your system? There are two Open and Save settings in Global Preferences / Display, but I don’t think they affect the recent folders showing. Also look at the menu Preferences / Folders because there are Open and Save preferences there.

Maybe it would be nice to have an “up one level” button or shortcut for navigating after selecting a Recent Folder, if it’s not already in there (I forgot to look), but I think everything else is mostly there already.

I had never really understood why the Render Location field does not default to the source’s folder as happens when you use ‘Save as’ but then I realised you can set the source folder by clicking on the small downward pointing arrow and selecting ‘Set source folder’. Does this help your case?

Yeah, I do think some improvements could be made to the default rendering path. I do have a pretty solid workflow of using the “recents” dropdown though, selecting a path more related to the session, and then manually tweaking the folder path to my preferred final path.

When I explore other mastering DAWs, this is one major slowdown I find is that render paths are never manually tweakable like they are in WaveLab which is something I love.

It makes it fast to render a bunch of master files and only tweak a few characters to designate the format such as 1644, 2496, vinyl, cassette, mp3, DDP etc.

Thanks guys… some excellent ideas…

This seems to be helping immensely! Thanks! I never noticed that option in there - but it’s been a big help! Yeah, I’d prefer it operate that way by default, but it’s nice to have it available.

Thanks again!