Default outputs

Everytime I start a new project I get a default stereo-output mapped to the first physical outs of my hardware.

Is there any possibility to configure a 5.1-Output routed to no device(!) as my default output configuration when creating a new project?

Short answer is no

But I have similar needs - I use templates that have for most jobs I see. I also have a blank start up with no I/O

My default output bus is never connected (set to no device). But my Control room is.
These settings are always remembered when creating a new project.


So how do manage this? This is totally different to my experiences, since I always have to disconnect the outputs. It´s never remembered here (…after restarting Nuendo. When I once set up a project in Nuendo, and then create another one without having closed Nuendo in between, it even remembers the 5.1 output…).

But - anyway - when I´m not able to configure a 5.1 as my default out I have to set up the VST-connections every single time and it doesn´t matter, if the stereo-def is connected or not…

I spoke too soon.
Apparently, when creating a new project, the outputs are set to the configuration of your last opened project.
And since all our templates and projects have the outputs set to default, each project opens and starts with a “correct” bus configuration. On the condition that you have opened a project earlier.

So, this morning -trying to find out how I am managing this-, I started off with creating an empty project. And guess what … my default output buss was active.

The only advice I can give is; templates, templates and templates. For each returing job, we have a template.


I’m with Fredo on this one.
Templates are the way, the truth & the light.
Shame that they often cause problems when versions change…

One thing well worth doing is to create a bunch of presets in the VST Connections dialogue.
I always run this first time I start any new project & in 4 clicks of the mouse I have the output busses set to “Not Connected” and the CR set to my monitors.