default place to save my projects

Is there a way to tell Dorico where to save the projects? At the moment it saves the files on my main hard drive in documents - dorico projects.

The default path is indeed a folder called ‘Dorico Projects’ inside your user ‘Documents’ folder, but you should find it’s quite good at remembering another path once you have chosen it in the Save dialog.

That might be useful info for the FAQ thread.

you probably meant a file once saved to the new custom location will remain there after subsequent saves (as it should), but it would be nice to be able to alter the default location for new files, too.

That’s what I took Daniel’s reply to mean.

Yes. It would indeed be nice to be able to choose your own default location for files. :wink:

You can do that by editing the preferences.xml file …

You don’t need to edit that file directly.

Click Preferences in the Edit menu and scroll down to the “Files” section.

… and on OS X, Dorico → Preferences → General, then scroll down to “Files”.

I had missed the “scroll down to Files” part. :blush: :laughing: