Default position of number for bar rests

In this page of the documentation there is an image of a multibar rest with a number above it. The default, however, in Dorico 4.0 is to display the numbers beneath the stave. I can use a Y-offset property to position one above the stave, but I would have to do that for every case. I cannot find where to set the default position to be above the stave, which is the norm in the orchestral parts that I have.


Might be worth pointing out that your link goes to the Dorico 1 documentation, which was last updated several years ago.

In the Dorico 4 manual, there’s this introduction to multi-bar rests, and if you take a look at the TOC on the left of the page, you’ll notice it has child topics, all relating to multi-bar rests - including this one about the placement of counts. I think the usual default is indeed to be above the staff, so perhaps you or someone you work with has changed their default?

For your own information going forwards, the exact wording that we use (for consistency) is generally “below” (paired with “above”) rather than “beneath”, and because the manual is written in American English, we refer to a single stave as “staff”.

Thank you for your prompt help! Yet another large panel that I never discoverd before!

What I quoted was what Google returned. :smiley:

I apologise for being English and for using the UK version of English, despite living 30 years in the USA and my lifestyle having been considerably diminished by Brexit. But I do not see why should I be criticised for that, just because it is the Steinberg standard. :smiley:


Wasn’t intended as a criticism, more a clarification of what terms are used in the manual and therefore what will give you more accurate results (because if you search for what’s in there, you’ll find it).

Google won’t always return the most recent manual. Dare I suggest searching the Dorico 4 manual directly? Maybe bookmark it and give that a go next time you need to look for something, you might be pleasantly surprised. (e.g. the search results for searching “multi-bar number below staff”)