Default Project Set Up

How can I make it the default that the VST Instruments/Media Bay Panel is not present when I open a new project? I want most of the screen to be for the tracks/inspector, and if I want I can then call up Media Bay or instruments when I want to browse in a larger space. I can’t find a way to remove the panels at all, though even better would to have them gone in the default and to know how to bring them in, remove them from my current projects.



To close the panel use Alt+T KeyCommand, or open Windows Setup Layout (Shift+F2) and disable Racks, or hover over the right border of the Project window and disable Racks.

Now, it should be hidden while opening a new project (if you don’t use Workspaces). Or you can prepare your own Workspaces.

Great, thanks.
I’ll check out workspaces also in the manual.