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So, as I understand, Steinberg in 2020 release a product where you can not change the default projects folder. Amazing in its own right, but everyone just say ok but just store your project somewhere else. So I did. However, when I open Pool, I see this (see attached image). What is going on? My documents folder is on my slow 5400 rpm drive. The project files are stored on another drive, yet based on the Pool it seems Cubase forces use of the Documents folder nonetheless? And why does it say Cubase LE - I have upgraded to Artist 10.5

Apologies for rubbish English, not native tongue and rather frustrated here…


By default the project (Audio) folder is the subfolder of the project folder. Do you want to store the Audio files to completely other folder? Could you describe your use case, please? Where do you want to store the project data? And where do you want to store related audio files?

Sorry, I don’t know, if your D drive is the slow one or not…

In any case, you can set the folder for every single track individually, if you want to.

Hi again.

I think the problem arose when I saved the project to a new folder (on quicker drive), but the pool did not move from the old drive, just the project files. Does the normal “save as” function not move pool as well? Because then you have to either use the Backup project function, or manually move the folders in explorer, and then locate them in cubase later… correct?


The Save As function doesn’t move the Pool. If you want to live the Pool, use File > Backup Project function, please.

IF you simply create a NEW FOLDER for your Project for each project, all the AUDIO files, Project(.CPR) and the whole thing will be saved to that folder. You can then copy that folder or move it where you want.

IF you use the Default Project location, Cubase will only copy the Cubase PROJECT and NOT the AUDIO when doing a SAVE AS. The key to the is knowing how Cubase does its saving and file management. I learned this the HARD way here BTW. I had about 35 Projects in ONE folder referencing that ONE AUDIO Folder!!. took FOREVER to load up.
Bad part is if anything happens to that one AUDIO folder you are screwed!!

  1. Now I create a new FOLDER when booting up Cubase, prompt for new location, create the folder and name it
    Then I do a SAVE and it will bring up the folder, name your project and SAVE.

NOW, you have EVERYTHING for that PROJECT in ONE FOLDER. No dinky around looking for audio files, project files, new versions etc.

I ONLY use the Project Default Location when TESTING things here

Yup! Eventually got around to the same conclusion myself. Aand learned that the Save as… does not move the pool, then you have to use the Backup project function, as Martin patiently pointed out above here…