Default rhythmic value

If I’m not mistaken, there is no way to override Dorico’s behaviour that it picks quarter note for the rhythmic value when note entry mode is invoked in an empty bar. In my workflow, this results in countless extra key clicks for changing the rhythmic value back to what it was. It’s quite annoying because it’s constant correcting of a wrong value.

Could a Note Input preference be considered in a future update? “Remember rhythmic value when re-entering Note Entry mode”?


Could you be a bit more specific about exactly what you’re doing? If you have a note selected and type Return or Shift+N then the note value of the selected note will be chosen. If you’re starting note input in an empty bar or at a rest, then what note value would you expect Dorico to choose?

The note value that was last selected. If I have, say, half note selected as the note value, and I leave the caret mode to do something else, and then go to an empty bar and enter caret mode, the note value changes to quarter-note.

FWIW I have also noticed this when inputting music. It’s not difficult to change the value before you start, but I do find myself forgetting to do that fairly often.

Yes, that’s an issue, where I quite often have to erase the unwanted quarter note and restart with the desired note value …

That happens to me too quite often! It would be very convenient if the quarter note ”preset” would be used only the very first time, and after that it would be whatever was used last!