Default Routing

Can we have a feature to specify a default path for a track when we add it. So if I make a group called “Group X”, I can have it so whenever I add a new audio track it will automatically be routed to “Group X” instead of Stereo Out? etc…?

Would be sooooo handy for the workflow.

You could create a dummy bus in outputs named e.g. Group X (not connected) then set this as Main mix. Then all tracks you create will automatically be routed to that bus. Much like a group. Not exactly what you’re requesting I know.
I would welcome an output routing selector on the Add track window though.

Hmmm thanks. That might be able to cover the majority of what I need…

What I’m mostly trying to do is this: I’m trying to use reference tracks more and more in my projects. Sometimes I route my references to a group channel, and all my non-reference tracks to a different channel, and then both channels route to stereo out. That way I can quickly A/B between the reference and my own mix. I can’t send the references and non references to the same master bus directly because I usually apply at least a small amount of processing on the master bus, and of course, the reference tracks can’t have any processing. I could switch all the inserts off, but that would take time and time in between an A/B is always bad.

So… maybe I can set up 2 stereo outs, and route the non-reference to my main stereo out and my reference to stereo out 2? I just tried that and got it to work… for regular, non-control room routing… But I can’t get it to work with the control room mixer now… Any suggestions??

Or you could make two groups (or Aux Groups as described in previous post) one for reference, and one mix. If these are both routed to your stereo out, simple solo/mute would A/B (this would be more effective with proper groups).
Do the two stereo outs in your example connect to the same monitors? This would be imperative I would think.

+1. Similarly, the option when right-clicking on a Group track to ‘create new track(s) and route to this Group’ would be cool.

I’m not sure what the difference is between this and what I had said originally, but I have indeed been setting up a couple of groups and routing them as such. The only problem with that is it gets very annoying because every time I add an instrument I have to remember to route it to the group, and I often times forget. Then I have to scour through my mix through maybe 100-200 tracks to find which ones are routed properly and which ones aren’t. So inconvenient and it’s a headache!

Not that the feature wouldn’t be welcome but FYI Magic AB plugin makes checking against reference tracks a doddle and isn’t too expensive.

Magic AB is really a useful plugin. Just so simple and easy to use