Default sample rate

Is there any way to change the default sample rate that cubase loads up with?

I am finding that even though my projects are at a particular sample rate, as well as my audio interface being externally clocked to the same frequency, that cubase persists in loading the program at 44.1Khz even though the project is at 96Khz.

Is this problem addressed in Cubase 6 or is it a known condition of Cubase 5.

Hope someone can help

Sample rate is set in Project > Project Setup. The “default” is saved to the template you are choosing for new projects. To change this, open a new project, change the sample rate, then do File > Save As Template.

Thanks for replying, however I am talking about cubase loading even without a project in that it always starts using the lowest possible sample rate that a particular piece of hardware supports.

To add more information, I’ve been able to have my hardware set at a particular rate, which my system (vista 32) can see however the actual sample rate is different, thus when I trigger a system sound it changes to what is supposed to be the actual sample rate which in this case is 96Khz.

When I open cubase, no matter if there is a project or not, it reverts to using 44.1Khz and the only thing that appeared to work was if I unchecked "externally clocked, however then there was no sound.

The only time the system actually does work, is when I reboot eg when windows does it’s thing and loads up at 48Khz.

Could the developers please address this problem if not already in Cubase 6?

i found an easy way to make sure everytime you create a project, you choose the settimgs you like…
in preferences. General, theres an option that allows you force the software to open a window from the beginnin, then manually you can do it.