Default save folder command not working

I do not want Dorico 4 to save my projects to the default folder on my C drive.
In Edit/Preferences I reset the folder path and clicked ‘apply’ then closed Preferences.
But Dorico still opens on thee default folder when i choose the “save as” command.
This is surely a bug.

It does not do that for me. I set the default folder to My Dorico Projects on a separate disk drive, and it works fine.

When you choose File > Save As for a project that has already been saved, it will default to the folder where that file is already saved. The default project path is only used when you create a new project and you save it for the very first time. It’s working as intended as far as I can tell (and I’ve just retested it to make sure).

Thanks Daniel I came to that conclusion myself after experimenting a bit.