Default Scale to Cue

When clicking Scale (in Properties), is there a way to default to Cue, instead of defaulting to Normal and then having to click “Cue”? This would be similar to the way that when selecting “Show verse number”, it defaults to no verse number.

99% of the time the only reason I select Scale is to make notes Cue size and, for me, it would make sense to not have to do an annoying second click. And besides that, if I wanted normal sized objects I’d have no reason to select scale in the first place.

This doesn’t directly address your request, but you might find it suits your way of working.
If you’re on Windows this might or might not work, but it worked for me on a Mac.

After clicking Scale, press alt-down arrow, down arrow, then Enter. If you want grace note size, then press the down arrow one extra time before pressing Enter.


No I didn’t know that one. It would be perfect if there was a shortcut for scale (and then use this method).

I feel like such a whinger talking about an extra click lol

EDIT: Aaaaand I’ve just found another thread on the shortcut topic

It does seem like a good idea to make the default value for the Scale property to be Cue rather than Normal. I’ve made a note of this for future implementation.