Default score/part layout hiccup regarding title page

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I’ve always assumed that if I was working on a score vs. a part, the default layouts are separated in that “current set” under Page Templates. When I build a title page, for example, whatever layout I am working on, it stores in the appropriate space. For some reason, the title page to the score in this file got mixed up in the part current set. Every time I adjust it for the score, the part gets altered and vice versa. Is there a way to rectify it?

see google link below.

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PS is there anyway to expand the file to 5MB limit. So much of my work always teeters just past 4MB.

I’ve never experienced such hiccups (when double-clicking the First template to edit it)… Funny.

I’ve imported the orchestral First from the Parts set to the Full score set, and corrected the anchors. My advice would be to avoid overrides at all cost (4 overridden pages at the start of the full score and perc I, three pages for perc II)… I know it’s still painful to program those pages but once it’s done, it’s something you don’t need to think about. Really worth it. Hopefully, the Team will provide us with a tool that could create a template from an existing page.
Percussion I was using the orchestral titling page instead of the part titling page. I corrected it.

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Oh I hear you on that, the problem is when I send the dorico file back to the composer, I have no control what they do and then I’m forced to find quick solutions when they send it back.

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