Default screen in dual screen setup?

I’d like to have plugin windows opened by default on a second screen which is a touch screen. Is there way to force this behaviour?

I know about “make this a default screen” preference in Windows 10, however I’d like to keep the touch screen a secondary one system-wide.



Cubase stores the position of every single window. Once you move the plug-in window to the 2nd screen, this plug-in will open there always. It’s independent for every single plug-in (nit instance).

Thank you. I am aware of that. What I want is to have newly added plugins pop up on a chosen screen so I don’t have to move them manually one by one. It is possible to set it on an OS level, but is it possible on app level? Registry hack maybe?

For Cubase the default screen is the one, which is set by system as the main (primary) one. Then all plug-in will open at the centre of this default screen defined by the OS.