Default send levels nuendo 12 (not working well)

if i put -6 db for default send levels (prefrences-vst) then -10 is aplied.
if i put -10db nothings happen

win 11

It works on Win10 for me. But i’ve a drop down menu in the prefrences. I can just select 0 dB,-6dB, -12 dB or Inf. If i select -6 dB it will appears -6.02 dB, it’s ok for -12dB. I need to restart Nuendo to validate this pref. Have you restart Nuendo ?

after a few resets, nuendo and computer, right now this function not work never, always put sends at 0 db. :frowning:

you need restart nuendo inmediatly after change value in drop down menu.
You can not continue working and make more sends, because then when reset, maybe in the menu put -6… but in really always go to 0 when add new send.