Default Send Levels?


My default send levels are always set at -6.02 db, even with blank new projects etc.

It’s fine really as I prefer it that way, but it makes me crazy when I don’t “get” why!?
I’d love to be able to set the default value myself in the future. :laughing:

Anyways, looking forward to receiving my c7.5 soon upgrade soon, slow mail delivery! :cry:


wow, thanks Bredo :slight_smile: … It’s amazing what you learn every day with this daw, can’t believe I’ve missed that one in the prefs.

Ain’t that the (frustrating) truth…

Also, did you know that you can COPY sends from one slot to another ?..

I sure didn’t…

yea, noticed that in mix console, very handy. I’ve played around with logic x, fl etc but man cubase just feels like home. Strange feeling. Great update, just got 7.5 installed! :smiley:

Neither did I… nice :sunglasses:

Y’know… maybe I shouldn’t say it but…

Sometimes I have the feeling that The Steinbergers are waiting for US to discover (or - reveal) all the new, little, features/niggles that were included/frustrated us for so long, and got fixed by some unknown programmer - so they can pass them as their own (because they have no clue they were included/fixed) :laughing:

Anyway, I like the new version (although the Mix Cluster still isn’t my cup of T)

Haha yup I get that feeling too… like when Cubase 7 was released and someone discovered the secret new feature that you could now finally drag n drop from Mediabay to Battery/Kontakt…

There a bug with this system :

I set the default send levels to -12dB. but when I open Mixer 3 (my default mixer where the sends are open), then default send level does not work. only in Mixer 1 and Mixer 2.