Default settings for horizontal lines text

I have two feature requests/wishes for editing text on horizontal lines:

  1. When activating the text button in the Properties it’d be nice if the text box got activated so I can start typing the text I want immediately. Now Dorico shifts focus so I have to manually click the text box. Not a big deal, but it’d definitely minimize the amount of clicks.

  2. A global setting for the appearance of text in horizontal lines so I don’t have to manually adjust every line.

What aspects of the text appearance are you wanting to change? There are font styles that you can edit the defaults for, and you can also change various settings for individual text annotations and lines, e.g. as per the tip at the end here.

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Ah, I found it! I was looking for a global setting in Engraving Options.

Still it’s a bit strange when activating the text button. For a fraction of a second the input field is active until the other options shows up.

Thanks for quick response @Lillie_Harris

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