Default settings fried - Mac Studio/Ventura/C12

I’ve looked everywhere but I can’t see how to save either default plugin settings or the default settings of my cubase editor windows. None of my default 3rd party settings are saved either so I’m having to create new preset folders with complicated names, one by one. Driving me insane.

It’s only a problem since I installed on an M2 studio in OSX13.4.


Is Cubase crashing (maybe silently) during Quit?

No it’s amazing and rock solid, but I keep having to do the same trivial jobs over and over again cos I can’t save defaults. In the past it crashed on quit when I used Steinberg hub, so I lost that years ago.

For example, every time I edit audio, I have to open the sample window, turn on the grid, enable the left menu, setup up the options. Every time. I bet it’s something simple but I’ve googled the crap out of it. I’ve reinstalled cubase twice.

Did you allow Cubase access to the folders it asked for during the installation? Maybe Cubase is not allowed to write to the folders where it stores its presets.

Thanks Sibben. I was never prompted during installation but I manually added it. Makes no difference :frowning:

This, every time I try to set up my defaults.


This looks like a permissions issue.

And it also rings a bell. I think this issue has been discussed in the forum already. Could you search for the message in the forum, please?

Yes I’ve searched the forum with no success. I’ve also searched a few Facebook forums. I’m surprised that no one else has the same issue because I did everything by the book.


Could you double-check the permissions of the given folder, please?

Read & Write for system and “everyone”, read only for “wheel”. That’s the presets folder.


Please see this thread.


Could you try to enable write also for the “wheel” (whoever is it), please?

Yes I saw this thread, but thanks. It only fixes the cubase presets.

Apparently “wheel” is a new system thing, and it’s recommended not to change this.