Default slur behaviour joining tie chains?

I’d like (for this piece at least) the default for the slur to join the last note head of the first tie chain to the first note head of the tie chain following.

  1. Is there a Notation or Layout option that will allow me to set this default (I could not fine one).

  2. Are there key commands that I could assign to set local properties so that I can quickly choose between the creation of slur lines as follows:

    • a phrase marking where I’d normally want the first note of the first tie chain to join with the last note of last tie chain in the phrase.

    • a slur joining two notes when I want the converse; ie shortest joining line.

Right now I seem to have to edit the properties of the slur each time.

Engraving Options:

Brilliant! Thank you @dankreider .
Trust me to look in the wrong place!