Default slur shape


I’m not sure if someone has already brought this up, but it has been mentioned on other forums that there are some weaknesses in the default slurs vs. the default slurs produced by major notation programs. One example that has been posted is the following attached (notated by another user), which is default notation in Dorico. I reproduced it and got the same result by default, and also found that I could not improve the slur’s appearance without manual adjustments to each slur. It would be great if you could (at some point) look into improving the algorithm that shapes the slurs so that these manual adjustments could be avoided.


I fix all these cliff-edge ones too, along with any that cross systems. In general, I like the slurs and don’t have to fix as much as in Finale.

Engraving rules / Slurs / Balance: “move endpoints together” makes this look nicer, IMO.

You can also try changing ‘Maximum distance to move endpoints to avoid collisions:’ and ‘Maximum increase in height to avoid collisions:’ slur engraving options.

That fixed pretty much everything! Thanks!