Default software by opening files.cpr on Mac OS 10.8

I have tested Cubase 7. And now, Cubase 7 is the default software for all of mine files.cpr. I want to return back to Cubase 6 (as default software) but i can’t.

  • right clic on a file.cpr, infos, open with, modify all, select “Cubase 6”. And… Cubase 7 is always the default software. Why? Is it necessary to uninstall Cubase 7?


I’ve just noticed this same problem.
Works on PC but not on Mac.
Has anyone find solution?

I believe this is the case. Or at least ‘.zip’ it. (see below)

Seems that the latest version of Cubase installed on yer 'puter
will always try to open any .cpr files.

I have C5/C6 and C7 files and C7 will always try to open them.

If I drag a .cpr file which was created either in C5 or C6, on to the C5 or C6 icon, no probs.

One very ‘kludgy’ work-a-round:
When I was still testing out C7 but still had to do live work in C6, I would ‘.zip’ the
C7 programme just before going to work.
Then while on the gig all works opened in C6.
Then when back home I would unzip the C7 app.