Default standard-text input

When I call up the standart text input, Lexend deca; 11.9Pt.; Regular
appears. This is how I have set it (see screenshot). I would like to set this in other files as well, but I have forgotten how to do this. Can anyone help me?

In the following dialog, see the little star icon down the bottom of the left panel. This will save the font as default.

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Hi Daniel,
thank you that kind answer! This helped me, because I couldn’t remember the star icon.
However: Lexend deca is a famous font. It causes many problems in Dorico, but they can all be solved.

Is it…? :grin: What problems does this font cause in Dorico?

well - Lexend deca was developed by scientists with the aim of being easier to read than any other font. I have no real problems with the font. However, a warning message (see screenshot) appears every time I open a file. But this has no consequences if I simply click ok.
Bildschirmfoto 2024-04-07 um 20.24.42

That warning simply says that Lexend Deca Italic is not installed on your computer. (Did you not notice?)

I have seen this dialog a couple of times since 5.1.30 alerting me about font(s) I do have installed. Not bold or italics, either, just the same roman font that I had chosen in the same project very recently. I’ll report back if I see this kind of thing again.

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