Default tucking index of a custom playing techinque


Does is possible to set a default tucking index value for a specific playing technique?

For example, for a string instrument I often have to use at the same time various kinds of bowing techniques like overpressure, and various bowing point, like sul tasto, al ponte etc.
I would like to put all the “sul tasto”," al ponte" etc. lower than the other ones, and it would be great to don’t have to change tucking index value manually one by one on all of them.

This isn’t possible to define by default, I’m afraid. It’s possibly something we could add, but it would need a bit of thought (since at the moment the tucking index is resolved on a case-by-case basis based on what is set for the playing techniques that are present at a given position, rather than determining their order in absolute terms).

It would be a great implementation!

Thanks for answering!