Default values on import of samples


Can we edit something so Halion has a different set of default values when importing samples via drag n drop?

(i.e. Audio warp on per default, Sample OSC setting at extreme or whatever other values that one always has to manually set on every import, deactivate windows on top… etc.etc)


You can save a zone preset.

On the zone tab at the top, to the right of the ABS / SEL buttons is a disk icon. This allows you to save a preset that stores all settings in a zone.

After you’ve dragged in a sample, made your settings and stored the preset, go to the “options” tab. There’s a heading called “import” with selection options for single and multiple sample import. Your newly stored preset/template will show up on the drop down lists.

Once you select it, that will be your new import defaults sorted.

Hi AposMus

Thx for the tip… Gonna check it out asap:)

Let me know if it works out.

Mhm, its halfway there, thx:)

What do i mean with halfway?

-there is a default preset - can we overwrite it so one doesn’t always have to activate preset"X"?

-maybe I am overlooking something here, but, how can i set it up that all imported samples “loop until release”? -> is there a glitch in halion that makes us define start and endpoints manually first?
(Theoretically sample start should be start and sample end should be end per default, right?)- how it is now, loop start and end is always at 0.00 and there is no way to be in loop mode when freshly importing without Clicking the “e” button of the SeX buttons twice first?) - even my old akai sampler could do this better…:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your help:)

Edit: it saves audiowarp settings, but not sample osc quality setting… Buggy…

There’s no need to overwrite the default preset.

You have to select your preset in the options window, not the zone window.

If you go to options => import and select your “preset X” for “Zone Templates - Single Sample” and “Zone Template - Multiple Samples”, it stays that way until you change it. No need to select it for each import.

Mine doesn’t seem to save sample quality either. It saves all else though… right down to mod matrix setup.

If you have the root entry selected in the program tree and change sample quality, it does so for all samples at once though. That does help a bit.

As far as sample loop settings are concerned - I feel your pain.

Bulk sample editing in Halion is limited or sometimes buggy.

I have found though that if you want to make bulk changes in the sample editor, you need to physically select all the samples, not just the program tree root or the layer name. This doesn’t work for loop length though.