Default velocity on mouse input


I am a terrible keyboard player, so I input a lot of my notes with the mouse. If I do that the velocity on the playback is very low wich effects the sound on playback. is there a possibility to to set the default velocity for mouse input?

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When you input notes with the mouse, they go in with no velocity specified at all, and instead play back at whatever dynamic level you write in the score. Just like a human musician, Dorico needs to be told what dynamic to play: without any information to the contrary it will play mf. So if you want it louder, add a louder dynamic.

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Sorry for bumping up this old thread, but is there a way to change the default velocity from 64 to 100?

No, the correct way to adjust the velocity value given to notes is to write dynamics in the score.

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I’m sorry but that doesn’t seem to be true… I insert some notes with mouse / computer keyboard and the resulting velocities is random:

Dorico will produce some natural randomisation of note dynamics, according to the settings on the Dynamics page of Playback Options, where you can disable it if you wish.

Is this available only for Dorico Pro? Because I can’t the Playback Options (Playback Options dialog) and I’m using elements.

Yes, I’m afraid Playback Options is a Pro-only feature.