Default velocity sent by midi keyboard

My keyboard does not have weighted keys, therefore when playing it I am limited to using a single velocity over and over. However, in Cubase, whenever I use my keyboard, the velocity sounds like it is automatically set to around 60. I would rather have this at 100, because 60 is way too quiet. Does anyone know how to change this?

It sounds like it is set to about 60 ? You can simply check to what it actually is. Cubase uses the Velocity sent by your keyboard, (if you´re not manuall inputting in the piano roll). If you can´t change it in your Keyboard, you can use the Cubase input tranformer to increase the value.

How would I go about changing the velocity sent by my keyboard and/or using the cubase input transformer?

How would I go about telling you without even knowing what Keyboard you are using…? Try the Keyboard´s manual…