Default Window Layout?

Is it possible to make one of my custom Window Layouts the default (ie. when I open WL it opens with that particular Window Layout?)



WaveLab reopens with the layout as it was last done. Isn’t it what you need?

Mostly, but not 100%.

If I save a Window Layout so that the selected tab at the top is CD, that is saved.

However, if I close Wavelab like that and then re-start the program, that tab is -not- selected.

BUT, if I then select my preferred Window Layout, that -does- set the tab to ‘CD’.

IOW: there seem to be some GUI parameters (like that top tab) that are not saved on Exit.

To you you choose to reopen the last project? If you don’t, then the active tool window tabs “don’t know” if they can active, hence what you observe.
Let’s say you quit with a montage opened, then launch with an empty project. Then the CD tab could be not active anymore.

Not sure I understand, but I -always- Re-Open Last Project (the 3rd radio button?). And the tabs are not ‘remembering’. There are a few other UI items, but that’s the one that annoys me most.