Defaults in metadata


I can’t understand the values in the metadata-file, they doesn’t seem to correspond to the values in Dorico Engraving options? Defaults that (in dorico) have 3/16 is in the metadata-file shown as 0.16 but 3/16 is 0.1875?

Please help me understand because I want to setup a complete template for my music and I redesign the thickness, its a lite bit to heavy (bold) for me, of both the font and the default lines.

Dorico is from heaven sent!

Best R

The defaults in the Bravura metadata file don’t correspond completely to the defaults we use for new projects in Dorico, so there’s nothing sinister going on, except that I came up with those Bravura defaults (as found in the metadata) before Dorico was sufficiently developed to be able to make those tweaks directly in the application, and once Dorico was more advanced, I adjusted the defaults for new documents and didn’t make corresponding changes to the defaults in the Bravura metadata file.