Defaults.xml file causing odd Cubase symptom

I wanted to edit CC 104 in note expression, but selecting it in ´MIDI Controller Setup´ dialog wouldn’t do. In fact, only about a dozen controllers would be available. After almost going crazy, I decided to trash my Defaults.xml preference file (kind of trying anything, cause it worked before) to see what happened and, guess what? It worked.

Now I ask:

Where is the hidden option that enables/disables some controllers to Note Expression in the .xml file? I wonder if other oddities are not caused by this mysterious file.

Can someone explain me that?

Also, why, even thrashing the preferences, CC’s 32 & 64 can’t be used for Note Expression? I would understand an explanation for 64, but CC 32??


CC#32 is (or at least, should be :wink: ) reserved for the LSB of Bank Select (CC#0).
As for CC#104, had you (maybe accidentally) deactivated it in MIDI menu>Note Expression>Note Expression MIDI Setup?

Ah, thanks for the CC 32 info, vic.

And, shame on me, you’re right! This was a stupid thread to start, for this is the cause of the controllers not showing. I even read again the manual and stepped over this information.

Although Aftertouch and Poly Pressure still appear as available, even after disabling them in Note Expression MIDI Setup.

Thank you very much, vic! And sorry to the mods for the forum pollution.

Pick up that chewing gum wrapper immediately! :laughing:

I can’t, I can’t delete the thread!

In fact, IMHO, this isn’t “pollution” at all :wink:… even if a problem comes down to user error, just reading the post (and its eventual solution, of course) is a real help to anyone else who may have encountered the same, or similar, problem.