defective activation key

hi i am new to thisposting cubase so excuse my ignorance i have a small list of issues,but let me give some background imformation i have a dell inspirion 545s pentium® dual core processor 2.60 ghz 4.00 gb memory working within windows 7 home premium 64 bit sequencing software is cubase le 5. i’m having problems activating the code i get the message activation code has already been used an activation code can only be used once. when i go into elicense control center i get a serial number which causes the message inncorrect or incomplete i can’t find the 12 or 13
character number.i did finally register cubase and also when i down loaded halione and put in the key i get the message to abort so that now i can’t even open cubase now. can anyone please? thankyou. :confused:

Hello, here you find the Cubase LE5 activation procedure.

  1. After Cubase LE5 disc has been installed on your computer, you should download and install latest eLicenser Control Center version which is available at link below
  2. Afterwards you have to open an account into Steinberg website
  3. you have to enter in your MySteinberg Page -> Activation&Reactivation and select Cubase LE 5 -> Permanent Activation and you ought to key in “Soft-eLicenser number” and selecting the Hardware in which you have found DVD’s Cubase LE 5; I suggest to you of selecting the plus sign for understanding which number do you need.
  4. You will receive an activation code by email. You have to put it in eLicenser Control Center.
    For opening it you have to go into Start Menu -> Program ->eLicenser -> Enter activation code
    I strongly recommend you of deactivating firewall, anti-virus software and using an Internet connection without routing.