Define default comment color

Dear Dorico Team and Users,

I’ve been using the Comments a lot, and they’re great! I have found, however, that the default color for them is some sort of purple, which I don’t like. I know, it’s a stupid thing, but I find myself changing the color manually for every comment I make to my favourite colour: blue! (I also use a colour scheme to identify different types of comments – check notes, comments for edition, comments marked as “done”, etc.) Is there – or will there be – a way to change the default colour of the comments, so I spend less time changing purple to blue? That would be fantastic.

Also, as a side note, I realise I can go look on the panel on the right for the comments, which is great when I want to see all of them, but it would be great to be able to hover over the comment and see it right on the score.

Thank you! (And sorry to push for these little insignificant things, when you’ve got bigger fish to fry!)


All these ideas seem worthwhile whenever the Team can find time to get around to them.
(This reminds me of how comments are handled in the script-writing program Final Draft.)

When you have a comment selected in the score, hit Return to open the little dialog to read it; you can hit Esc to close the dialog again without actually editing it.

There’s no way to change the default colour of comments, and it’s unlikely we’ll have time to add this option in the near future, but I certainly don’t object to it in principle. Possibly we’ll be able to add it when we come to look at the issue of customising Dorico’s colour scheme more generally.

Good to know. Thank you, Daniel.

Today, the colour beside the music page suddenly changed from blue to a sickly green. I can hardly stand to look at the screen. I thought at first that my monitor was failing but all other programs are unaffected.

I ran the ColorSync Utility to assure that I had not inadvertently changed some setting. I checked that my computer colour scheme was Dark. Adjusting the Night Shift and Color Temperature did not correct the problem.

I closed and reopened Dorico. Other projects have the correct blue colour but the one I am working on stubbornly keeps the green colour. I checked that the Dark Theme was selected in Preferences. I scoured the manual and forum but could find no answers.

Have I pressed some key combination or is there a setting I have missed?

Sorry to trouble you with this but I do appreciate any help you can give.

No, you’re viewing your score vertically and you’re right at the end (bottom) of it. Dorico’s background is graded - it’s a deep blue right at the top and “sickly green” right at the bottom.

Thanks Leo:

I knew there had to be a simple explanation. Operator error again. I had been working at the end of the score and never thought to check the beginning. I guess there is no way to override this colour scheme.


No, but you can switch to Light mode in Preferences.

Thanks Dan. But I think I will stick with the dark scheme. It’s far easier on the eyes.

By switching to horizontal scrolling rather than vertical, I get enough of an improvement in large scores to be workable.

Thanks again for taking the time to answer such a minor question.