define shortcut for current preset

I am able to save a shortcut for my preset that i always start with in Wavelab under the “define shortcut for current preset” option in the master section but when I* leave Wavelab and come back that shortcut is gone.

Is this the normal behavior or am I doing something wrong?

No problem here using WaveLab Pro 9.5.25
Do you see the shortcut mentioned in the Master Section preset menu?

Yers. it will work after i program the keystroke but when i close Wavelab and re open, the shortcut is gone.

I have 8.5. Maybe it’s a glitch?

I have 8.5. Maybe it’s a glitch?

Best guess

It was my preferences. I pulled them all out of my user account to start from scratch and brought the preferences in one by one until i found the culprit, which happened to be the “startup configuration settings”.