Defining a Loop Backwards: A Conversation

Me: make a playout loop selection from here to here.
App: okay, but just to let you know, you defined that loop backwards, so I’m not actually going to loop what you selected.
Me: well, why would anyone ever want a backwards loop? and if they did want playout to go backwards in a loop, you couldn’t do that for them anyways?
App: nope
Me: so why not take the two points I’ve defined and make a normal forward loop out of that, like I obviously intended?

Assuming you mean setting LR locators, when working with many types of content in post it helps to be able to jump sections. For example to audition a cut without making one, which is one many things a reverse selection will do. It gives you nice color difference to let you know what type of selection is made. Suggest RTFM around page 85.

Why not ask why a feature exists instead of suggesting it is stupid?