Defining a strategy for Cubase remote control

Hi all,

Trying to extend the way I am controlling Cubase via my 2 remote controllers (VMK-188+ and MPD-32), I would like to know how do you make the most efficient use of your own controller(s) for this.

To give an idea, here is what I have at disposal :

  • VMK-188+ : 2 pedals (already set for MIDI volume and modulation), 2 foot switches (set for sustain and portamento on/off), 9 faders, 8 knobs, 13 buttons including the transport ones.
  • MPD-32 : beside the pads and the transport buttons, I have 8 faders, 8 endless knobs and 8 buttons, but can set 3 banks of them, which gives me up to 24 of each.

Basically and since a long time, I use my controllers with 2 generic remotes in the device setup, each of them hooked to one of the 2 MIDI input ports available in my E-Mu MIDI/Audio device. This with only the rather basic transport functions, workspaces switching and the endless knobs of the MPD-32 allocated to the quick controls. Of course, I also already set each pad of the MPD-32 to the instruments of my Jamstix kits. But It’s nearly all, and I would like to go further.

I guess that it depends a lot of what each of us do with Cubase, but still… I already tried different sets, without finding something really useful which can allow me to frequently forget the computer keyboard or mouse. As we have 64 (via the banks switch) of each type of controllers with a lot of Cubase functions available, I would like answers to questions such as the following :

  • Do you feel the need for motorized faders for an efficient work ?
  • Which are the main functions of Cubase that you use via remote control or, maybe better said, which are the ones that you find truely useful to set via a remote controller ?
  • Do you often switch among different setups or use basically the same ?
  • Do you use some of the controllers at your disposal for specific VSTis parameters, rather than Cubase functions ?

Of course, any other thoughts are welcomed. Thanks.

EDIT - One more technical question :
I am also thinking about the ability to set a remote control of some parameters of my MIDI external instruments (only the basic ones, such as filter cut off, parts volume, envelopes shaping, LFO modulations…) and I guess that I’ll have to define device panels for this, but I would like a confirmation or thoughts about it, especially if you have already set (or tried to) this kind of remote control with device panels.

I know there are thousands of users who will disagree with me, but I just have to say it:

I used controllers for years with automated consoles, and I was always trying to figure out a way to control my automation with my computer, using a simple graphic interface and a mouse. I even wrote software to take me there,
but once I was able to record “in the box” by using a primitive version of Protools, then later Cubase/Nuendo, I quit trying to write my homebrew version.

I could not be happier with Cubase’s graphic implementation, and I’ll never go back to using an external controller.

Hi, registered

I can understand this point of view, coming from your experience. Mine says otherwise : it is truely a comfort to be able to use my endless knobs for the quick controls, as an example.

I have all theses faders and knobs more or less unused and I’m nearly sure that, defined in a clever way (and actually, it’s all the subject of this thread), they could bring me a significant gain of time for day to day operations with Cubase.